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A bit of history

The Community Garden at The Old Mushroom Farm began in Spring of 2020.

Previously used as a truck yard (back in the Mushroom Farming days), the sunny North-facing bank was selected for re-greening.

Terraces were levelled overlooking the valley and dams, and allotments laid out with repurposed concrete slabs.

The beds were filled with rich compost, and the paths covered with wood chips.An avenue of lemon trees leads the eye down the centre walkway, and a row of plum trees lines the edge of the garden.

Join a community of gardeners 

The Old Mushroom Farm Community Garden is a non-profit, food-focused green space.

A collective garden focused on vegetable farming, sustainable living, healthy lifestyle, and edible landscaping.

The project aims to contribute to food security, serving communities in need in Howick and surrounds.

Join the gardening community by renting an allotment or volunteering in the garden.

Keep an eye out on our feed for workshops, meet-ups and talks.

Income from the allotment rental goes to maintaining the garden and purchasing seeds for planting.

Donations are welcome too!

Contact Philippa for more information:


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