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Unveiling the Mycelial Network: Welcome to The Old Mushroom Farm Blog

Get to know The Old Mushroom Farm through our newly launched blog! Delve into our stories, history, and creative projects that lie just beneath the surface. Join us as we share our journey, from our humble beginnings to our visions for the future. We invite you to join us as we embrace authenticity, playfulness, inclusivity, and curiosity as part of our mission. Dive into our blog for insights, reflections, and inspiration.

Join The Old Mushroom Farm Midlands Community- Read our blog

We envision The Old Mushroom Farm blog as a mycelial network of stories, history, community, and creative projects- all the elements that make up The Old Mushroom Farm. This blog serves to reveal the richness sitting just below the surface that the unassuming eye might not notice. We invite you to dig in.

We want to tell our story- to share our history, what we are working on now, and what our hopes are for the future. We will speak to things like our Community Food Garden and foraging community, how you can escape to the Midlands on holiday in our self catering accommodation, our architectural influences and building renovation process, side businesses like Crooks Concrete encaustic tiles, our conference venue and event spaces, our interior design and repurposing process, our community of artisans and entrepreneurs, and our philosophies behind building a village.

Things are happening here in Howick at The Old Mushroom Farm! We think they're pretty cool. We aren’t experts, or doing things perfectly, but we’d like to share our process with you in the hopes that you feel inspired to join in and create something of your own.

We’ve created a list of values to remind ourselves what The Old Mushroom Farm is about & what matters to us. We hope it will give you some insight into The Old Mushroom Farm’s vision.

The Old Mushroom Farm Manifesto:

We believe in

Authenticity: We are expressing ourselves in a way that is true to us. We encourage you to express yourself in a way that is authentic to you.

Play: We don’t take ourselves too seriously- we’re creating through experimentation, we’re making a mess, we’re cleaning up, we’re figuring things out as we go and we’re having fun in the process. We invite you to join in the fun.

Inclusivity: Yea, we’re cool. But so are you- so come and join in! We are a community- we encourage involvement, sharing and mutual support.

Curiosity: Be inquisitive, peek around corners, chat to your neighbours, ask questions.

May the articles on The Old Mushroom Farm blog nourish and inspire you. We hope they make you feel connected to TOMF community as well as the broader network of the authentic, playful, and curious folks out here in the KZN Midlands.

If you feel inclined to write an article for our blog- we welcome guest writers, don’t be shy to reach out!

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Inspirational first post - a pleasure to read and absorb. Look forward to further blog posts and tagging along on your journey. Well done!

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