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Fitness Facility 

What is Activ8 Performance? 

Activ8 Performance is an inclusive fitness center that embraces individuals of all fitness levels. Their primary goal is to support your success and help you become the optimal version of yourself.

In their group sessions, they follow a Functional Fitness approach that incorporates elements of mobility, strength/skill development, and a focus on endurance, making it a central component of our daily workouts.

Operating Hours:  Monday - Saturday


Please check the Activ8 website for detailed offerings and schedule.


Rates and packages 

Activ8 Performance provides a variety of packages tailored to meet your specific needs.


Whether you're a frequent traveler with their Out-of-Towner packages, a running enthusiast with their Running Strength memberships, or a senior seeking fitness options, they have a package to suit your requirements. Just let us know your preferences, and we can likely accommodate you.


Once off, drop in rates are also available

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