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The Old Mushroom Farm Directory: Midlands Books & Collectibles Shop

Meet the artisans who have set up shop in The Old Mushroom Farm Tunnels

We Chatted to Adam Riley and Robert Cronjé, co-owners of Midlands Books & Collectibles in Tunnel 8 at The Old Mushroom Farm and learned about how the business got started and what their journey has been like thus far. Visit their shop and browse their collection of rare antiques and second hand books.

Meet Midlands Books and Collectables shop owners at The Old Mushroom Farm

Please introduce yourself, introduce your business and describe what it is that you do.

We are Midlands Books & Collectibles - A hobby turned business owned by Adam Riley and Robert Cronjé. We are both Numismatists and birdwatchers and Adam is an avid book collector. We started the business (Second hand books, numismatics and all sorts of collectibles) as a sideline to expand our hobbies and to try creating awareness with the younger generation.

(P.s. Numismatics is the study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money, medals and related objects.)

Would you describe your business as artisanal and or ‘indie’ (independent)? Why?

Not either in our opinion, we're just two guys passionate about collecting and sharing our passion.

*we'd call them indie even if they don't think they are ;)

How and when did your business start? And how long have you been at The Old Mushroom Farm?

We met at the PMB Coin Club in 2017 and soon became coin buddies. Robert traded coins and later all sorts from his garage all along and in 2023 we decided to open shop. We opened at The Old Mushroom Farm in May 2023.

What is your favourite thing about being at The Old Mushroom Farm?

The variety of people walking through the door.

What message would you like to put out there to encourage folks to support small businesses like yours?

We all pump into the corporates as they often offer convenience. Yet you as the end user means nothing to them whereas us small business owners care about making a day to day living without ripping off the very ones keeping us in business.

Collectable coins, second hand books, and antiques atMidlands Books & Collectibles Shop at The Old Mushroom Farm Howick

Midlands Books & Collectables' shop at The Old Mushroom Farm, Howick is well worth a visit. It's an absolute treasure trove, with shelves packed high with rare and interesting books, coins, and antiques. They have a real eye for picking out gems - from the rare and prestigious to the hearty and affordable- you're bound to come across something interesting. Keep an eye out for special events like book launches and readings!

Live readings and book launch events at The Old Mushroom Farm Howick

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